Actividades Puerto de Santa María

Course of “Venenciar”

The art of “Venenciar” comes from the expression “la copa de la avenencia” (glass of agreement), which was used to close deals. They shook hands and raised a glass of sherry.


“Venenciar” is a complex skill that requires a steady hand and a lot of sensitivity. A different, fun and unique wine experience at Bodegas Osborne.

Cutting Iberian Ham 5 J course

Come and learn the art of cutting and conservation of the best ham in the world: 5 J Iberian Ham.
If you know how to cut it, you will enjoy it!

Tasting from a cask

A unique experience for lovers of Osborne’s most exclusive wines, the oldest vintages from 1790, 1792, 1812 or 1903.


Accompanied by a wine expert, you will be able to taste them from the cask and see how it is possible to taste history in small sips.

Sherry Wine Tasting Course

Sherry wine tasting course especially designed for beginners. You will learn the characteristics of these original wines: the climate, soils, grape varieties and the aging system of “Soleras and Criaderas” in the winemaking process.